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Our Pillars

Software development services from Subra Systems Ltd. Bangladesh stands on its Mission, Vision, and Values. These three entwined pillars have helped us see through all concerns and define our future course of action. Our vigor, attention, and commitment have aided us for profound growth as a software development services provider.


To Be a Powerful Agent for Promoting Integrity & Adequate Internal Control System in Public Sector.


To Develop Suitable and Adequate Internal Control Solutions as the Entity Demands in Consistent with Its Own Mission.


We are dedicated to build an enduring relationship with each customer – a partnership bona-fide on assurance to quality and trust.

We value to be:

• Intent on results, not on activity
• Reliable
• Unambiguous
• On time

As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, sincerity, candidness, individual excellence, constant self-improvement, and mutual respect. We take on challenges of authenticate software development, and gratify ourselves on seeing them through.

We believe, that if we continue to focus on providing the absolute best service in software development field, then only we can continue to grow as a company and an individual.