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Why Subra?

Our team is dedicated for helping our clients perform better. We are focused on results, not just the development process and events, and we believe there are several elements that set “Subra Systems” apart from our competitors.

If you want a detailed view of these distinctive capabilities, especially if you are comparing different vendors, please contact with the business manager. But if you just want a quick overview, you’re in the right place here. So what makes us different?

Wide Coverage

We have dedicated support team and associate trainers who have the capability to deliver large-scale and on time 24/7 support that are consistent yet sensitive to different issues. We also have a call center that uses state-of-the-art techniques to ensure high quality on call support whenever needed.

Better Methodologies

We mainly work on Agile Methodologies. Our methodologies are research-based, and we have incredibly high standards around how practical they are in the real world. We also continuously improve them based on our experience in the field.

Latest Technologies

We work on latest and modern technologies and tools of Microsoft, Oracle, Opensource Platforms. We motivate our clients for moving to Cloud and Windows 8 client platforms so that they can get the latest easy share, manage and build features.

More Flexibility

We hear a lot of complaints about the inflexibility during development phase considering budget and time constraint. We customize or create applications that are exactly what our clients’ need, with a minimum of extra cost.

The Client Impact Team

Developing without measurement is a like flying a plane with your eyes closed – you have no way to track your progress along a given course, or to correct any course deviations. “Subra Systems” has a dedicated ‘Client Impact’ team who track, analyze and report the impact to our management team at multiple levels, based on the project management model.